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Signs and Wonders

Signs and Wonders takes you on a unique musical journey to exotic points around the globe. The trio is comprised of Matthew Burrier melodica; Jim Hauer, guitar; and Jim Tetrick, percussion. Their driving rhythms and delightful melodies are your passport to a world of music seldom heard.

Formed in 2002, S&W has run the gamut from re-arranged hymn tunes to spirited Celtic, Jewish, and other ethnic folk musics; including jazz and classical standards along with their own original compositions.

Their first entitled album “Signs and Wonders” was recorded in a live environment, with minimal effects and minimal overdubbing. This “live recording” process captures the true essence of the ensemble and highlights their spontaneity and freshness.

The full album is available for the asking, just go to the information page and ask about ordering the CD – $10 plus shipping. Here are a few tidbits from the full album.

Misrilu – Traditional Greek Tune

Folk Ballet Suite – Fall – Matthew Burrier

Folk Ballet Suite – Winter – Matthew Burrier

Critical Journey – Diefy – Jim Hauer

Critical Journey – Doubt – Jim Hauer

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